Japanese Chin

Toy Breed, ideally suited for indoor, companion dog and is well suited as a watchdog.


Characteristics:  The Japanese Chin is cheerful, very affectionate, playful, gentle dog which are highly intelligent, sociable, sensitive, and is a fine watch dog.  They bond closely with their human families and have a natural affinity for children.  The Japanese Chin has two classes, under and over 7 lbs and stands 9 - 11 inches (23-28 cm)  in height.  Bearing some resemblance to the King Charles Spaniel, the Chin is a popular show dog but less often is kept as a pet.  Like other flat-nosed breeds, it must not be over-exerted in hot weather lest it should suffer breathing difficulties.

History:  There are two theories on the origin of the breed.  One is that it derives from Pekingese like dogs brought to Japan by Zen Buddhist monks in 500 AD and the other that it descends from Korea and was given to the Emperor of Japan as a gift in 732 AD.  Whatever its ancestry, for more than 1000 years this little dog was a favorite of Japanese emperors who decreed that it should be worshipped.

         Kennel Clubs:  FIC, AKC, KCGB, CKC, ACA